Test configurations / Short-lived installation



New NHDIYSTREC studio mixing table :

After getting more and more fed up by the small Boss bx 8 and bx 16 mixing table when working with, and the impossibility to get something correct (good for mix few track / nightmare when using all) and the fragility of those (dead tracks, falses contacts and more other shit) ; i decided to get a more decent mixing table without ruining myself and without get a shit brand too .
So i find for a cool price and old Dynacord MC 1200 made in west germany, a very simple 12 track table without unusefull effect and shits – Perfect for use with my 2 tascam 238 (even if i need 2 more tracks, but i have another mixing table i can combine with this one)
Only intended to use with noisecore.

Brass section of NHDIYSTREC studio

euphonium cornet
Couesnon euphonium on the left with diy made tuning slide and modified mouthpiece fixation –
I get it for less than 40€ with the need of a shower and one tuning slide ; for the mouthpiece fixation i have buy a tuba mouthpiece and it was too big for the euphonium mouthpiece fixation.
With the help of a plastic pipe laying around in my flat and some copper pipe cutted from the longest tuning slide of the euphonium i create the missing slide and modify the mouthpiece fixation .
And it sound loud !
On the right is a Hsinghai cornet i buy like 70 euro on ebay i think , but clean and complete with its case.
All of theses brasses are intended to be use for noisecore purpose only .